3 Surprising Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Figuring out what to do at the gym and what type of eating approach works best for you can be difficult and stressful. With so much conflicting information out there, it’s no surprise that reaching your weight loss goals is a big challenge. 

There’s a good chance that you’ve tried different workout classes and a variety of diets, but you’ve gotten frustrated by your lack of progress despite your efforts.

After spending the last decade helping busy professionals turn back the clock to look and feel years younger, we’ve found that there are a few common “mistakes” that hold people back from looking and feeling their best.

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As an example, a mother in her early 30’s recently came to our personal training center because she desperately needed help losing the weight that she continued to gain after giving birth to her second child.

During her initial complimentary consultation, we reviewed her workout and nutrition routine and discovered three key things interfering with her ability to lose body fat and reshape her body:

1) Impaired Digestion
Constipation was an issue she’d been experiencing for years without resolution, leaving her feeling bloated and heavy.  She also suffered from chronic joint pain in her hands which was problematic since she is a massage therapist.  Once we put her on our 14 Day AUMazing Body food plan, which eliminates common food allergens, we were able to identify which foods inflame her and which foods optimize her energy.  The bloating, heaviness, and joint pain went away once she discovered that she has a sensitivity to gluten.  We also recommended that she begin taking a research-based probiotic to strengthen her digestive system and improve absorption of nutrients to boost her energy.

2) Imbalanced Blood Sugar
This busy mom had read that eating small, frequent meals throughout the day would boost her metabolism.  Sound familiar?  The problem: this is a myth.  In fact, eating too often can lead to chronically elevated blood sugar which can contribute to weight gain, not weight loss, Plus, she was chronically tired as her body constantly diverted energy to digestion.  By having her eat at specific time intervals, we improved the production of her body’s fat burning hormones while reducing her sugar cravings and improving her energy.

3) Excessive Cardio
Afraid of bulking up from strength training – the number 1 fear we dispel when ladies come to our center – this mother of two was doing long, boring sessions on the treadmill several times per week without seeing any visible changes in her body.  Once we taught her the importance of building lean, calorie-torching muscle to reboot her metabolism, we designed a personalized strength training program for her, and within 3 months, she lost over 30 pounds, shed inches off her waist, and began fitting into clothes she hadn’t worn since giving birth to her first child.


Michelle ended up losing 65 pounds in total over a 6 month period!

Everything changed for her when we began identifying the root cause of her stubborn weight gain and focusing on the right first steps to help her reboot her metabolism.  Without a personalized plan of action like this, there’s a good chance she would have continued to feel overwhelmed and frustrated by her lack of results.

If you’re interested in learning more about following the same approach that helped this busy mother ultimately drop more than 65 pounds in 6 months, call us at 774-222-2318 to schedule your complimentary fitness strategy session.

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Give Your Training a Tune-Up with These 5 Strategies

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you're heading."

-Lao Tzu

Let's face it . . . we're all creatures of habit.  

We often prefer sticking to the familiar and avoiding change. 

When it comes to your training, this can be a recipe for stagnation, boredom, and plateaus as time progresses!

Just as you get your oil changed periodically to keep your car running well, periodically assessing your training program is important for progressing forward.

Here are 5 strategies for tuning up your training in 2018:

1) Conquer a challenge.  
When things get stale, there's nothing like coming up with a challenge to reinvigorate your training and make fitness fun again.  Hop onto the rowing machine and do 500 meters as fast as you can.  Great-now you have your baseline.  Over the next 3-4 weeks, focus on improving your time.  Or, jump up and hang from a pull-up bar as long as you can. Time yourself and keep attempting to beat your time each week.  Enjoy the challenge of competing with yourself and pursuing new personal bests!


2) Go single-sided!  
Choose one piece of equipment (dumbbell, barbell, or cable machine) and do a variety of uni-lateral exercises (1 side of your body at a time).  Here's a full body circuit that will fire up your metabolism: single arm kettle-bell shoulder press, followed by shoulder loaded reverse lunges, followed by single arm KB rows, and finish with single arm KB swings.  Not only will this help address asymmetries (imbalances between each side of your body) but it will double the work load which leads to a greater metabolic hit and enhanced fat loss.

3) Get grounded and get back up!
After sitting all day, many people go to the gym and do more sitting on a machines.  This isn't a good strategy for burning body fat or improving mobility (two things most people want and need).  There's nothing like getting down on the ground and doing some push-ups or bear crawls and then standing back up and doing some kettlebell swings and repeating for a specific length of time (example: 10 minutes).  It takes a surprising amount of energy and is incredibly effective for stripping off body fat in a short period of time.

4) Change your definition of "cardio."  
Many people think cardio means running on a treadmill at a steady pace for 30-45 minutes or reading a magazine while slowly pedaling on the recumbent bike.  This approach isn't time efficient nor is it a good long-term strategy for transforming your body since you become more efficient (i.e. burn less calories) doing the same amount of work over time.  A quicker and smarter approach: Grab a dumbbell (in vertical position known as goblet hold) and do 15-20 reps of squats.  Then grab a pair of heavy Dumbbells (example=half body-weight in each hand) and walk around for a minute.  Go 3-4 rounds with short rest periods.  Is your heart beating fast?  You bet and you're improving your fat burning ability as you engage more muscle fiber than you do with traditional "cardio" exercises.

5) Stop "working out" and begin PRACTICING! 
Many people have confused fatigue with fitness.  Just because a "workout" fatigues you, doesn't mean it is making you fitter.  I believe that true fitness is about improving how well you move while increasing strength with the added benefit of improving your body composition.  Head to the gym with the intention of practicing movement patterns (push, pull, hinge, squat, loaded carry) .  Workouts drain you.  Practice improves you.

Remember . . . nothing changes if nothing changes! 

Integration is more important than information. 

Choose ONE of these tips and begin doing it TODAY!!!

If you're having a tough time creating a plan and getting started, we're here to guide you in taking smart action steps forward.  

Call us at 774-222-2318 to schedule your complimentary strategy session or complete our online application at  http://www.aumtrainingcenter.com/aum-training-application

In service to your success,

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