Your Transformation Begins Here

Welcome to Aum Training Center! We're a 5-star Google rated, personal training, weight loss, and wellness studio on Newbury St. in Boston's Back Bay. We built our center upon a dream to create a special place where people from all backgrounds come to transform their body from the inside out. Our expertise and passion for holistic training is the reason why elite professionals from all over the world come to train at our center.

We believe that becoming the strongest, leanest, and healthiest version of yourself requires a unique approach that goes beyond what you find at most personal training facilities and commercial gyms. That's why we've developed Boston's most comprehensive body transformation program by integrating movement, nutrition, mindset, and recovery  - the perfect combination to help you:

• Lose weight & belly fat to feel confident in your favorite clothes again
• Turn back the hands of time to look and feel years younger
• Fall in love with fitness, so you stay fit. No more starts and stops.
• Build strength & endurance to enjoy more of your favorite activities with your friends and family
• Be accountable to professional coaches to stay on track even when life tries to get in the way
• Stop dieting and learn healthy, sustainable eating and exercise habits for life


New Approach.New Results.New You

You no longer have to waste time in the gym guessing what to do; starving yourself on quick-fix diets; and slaving away on the treadmill!  Over the past decade, we've learned how to constantly test and tweak our training and nutrition methods to find the ideal formula to help you look and feel your best. We call this formula Metabolic Reboot.  Our team of caring, trusted experts has worked with hundreds of busy parents and professionals who struggled to lose weight on their own until they discovered our innovative approach. But don't take our word for it. Check out reviews from the AUMazing people we serve.


“I started working with Chris four months after giving birth to my second child. I lost 65 pounds in five months, all because he was there answering my questions everyday as I knew I could rely upon him. Working with Chris has completely and forever changed my life and my family members’ lives. He has changed the way I see food and exercise. Chris knows how to push me to the limit and help me move beyond my perceived boundaries. Even though I have more weight to lose, my focus has expanded beyond just weight loss-he has inspired me to be more.” - Michelle


Our goal is for you to achieve better results in the next 90 days than you have in the past 12 months! 


Why are we so confident?

It’s because we bring a different way of thinking and a unique set of resources to the table.   

We firmly believe that we offer the best personal training experience in Boston!  

We also recognize that talk is cheap which is why, unlike many fitness facilities, we allow you to experience our services before you make a commitment.

Our 30-day risk-free trial membership allows you to try us first and allows us to earn your trust!

Becoming a member of our center means having access to world-class personal trainers, state-of-the-art equipment, advanced training methods, and an AUMazing community.

We look forward to the opportunity to guide you toward achieving real, lasting results.

Experience the difference with expert coaching!