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From the out of shape beginner interested in weight loss and building healthy habits to the elite athlete focused on improving strength and performance, our members get results! At our fitness center, you get more than a personal trainer; you get a personal health coach who is dedicated to designing personalized fitness programs tailored to your personal training needs. We can help you lose weight, look great, feel younger, and become healthier.

The following are AUMazing body transformation stories from our members who we’ve had the privilege of providing personal training, coaching, and guidance to lose weight. We’re proud of the incredible results they’ve achieved in their health, fitness and weight loss. Congratulations to you all!


Anne Marie


I came to Aum Training Center looking for a change. I had been taking lots of spin and cardio classes for years and I wasn’t seeing any results. I was exercising a lot and still gaining weight. On top that, I was at a pivotal point in my career and I could feel my confidence fading. Over the last year, I have lost 50 pounds, built muscle, figured out how to eat correctly for my body and increased my confidence. Most importantly, I have had fun along the way and I have found great support from the community at Aum.  I am very grateful and I would highly recommend Chris!





"I found out about Aum Training Center through a friend, Sashya, who wanted to work out together. We go twice a week, listen to some awesome music, and push our limits every time. Chris has this energy that is super contagious. What distinguishes Chris from other personal trainers I've worked with previously is that he helps you with nutrition, establishing new habits, designing strategies for managing stress, and planning ahead on these matters. I have lost 20 pounds over 4 months, and I’ve gained more energy and an improved attitude. I look forward to my sessions because they are fun with a friend and a trainer, who has only one goal for you - progress every week. It’s been a fun ride and I love having this as part of my life."





"Transformative.  "W"holistic.  Personalized.  Chris and the Aum Training Center model re-define an approach to wellness that goes far beyond the experience of a personal training session to include support around the entire training experience - nutritional support, personalized “on-the-go” travel workouts, motivational coaching, and more.  For someone otherwise intimidated by training, the experience has given me a confidence and commitment to my own physical well-being that had never existed prior to my time at Aum. The personal training delivers tremendous results and the workouts are comprehensive, tailored not just to the individual, but the individual's place in their wellness journey.  As a physician, I cannot more highly recommend Chris and Aum Training Center as a catalyst for transformative, "w"holistic, and personalized change."





"I have been training at Aum Training Center since January 2016, and I love it!  Chris is a knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging personal trainer who, most of all, listens.  I came to the center a few months before turning 60, feeling lethargic and taking multiple medications to relieve the pain in my joints.  

Four months after beginning my training at Aum, I lost nearly 40 pounds and the pain in my joints is now gone. I feel better than I have in years and I’ve even discontinued taking several medications (under the approval of my doctor).  It’s great to feel healthy and strong again!"





"I started training with Chris at Aum Training Center after someone recommended him to me. I hated working out and eating correctly. Chris met with me and we discussed my goals. He made suggestions relative to changing my diet and we committed to start training together.

After four months, I am down almost 22 pounds and I feel much better about myself. Chris has taught me about working out and I no longer feel awkward when at the gym. He is so patient with me and encouraging. I couldn't more highly recommend a personal trainer!"





"I initially came to the Aum Center six months ago and my first session with Chris- I was sold. He did all these tests-- body fat, etc. We looked at my stats and made some serious goals. He pushes me like no other personal trainer has pushed me. He gets me in the zone, and I'm able to do things that surprise me every session. What I like most about Chris is how passionate he is about his clients' success. He gets just as excited as I do! It's awesome. This type of support just makes me want to work harder. I have lost inches off my waist, and my body fat percentage has gone down like crazy!! When we're not working out together, I have a super detailed training plan that I follow for weight training and cardio. He's also created a custom nutrition plan for me. I've made major changes to my diet, and I've never felt better."





"I contacted Chris Carreiro to help me with fitness. He literally transformed my life. I lost over 80 pounds and I developed strength and confidence. Chris Carreiro’s coaching ability helps condition both mind and body.

It wasn’t just the physical techniques of workouts, but a lifestyle mentorship that includes discussions on training my mind that impacts my workouts. Not only was I able to achieve my fitness goals, but, for the first time in my life, I’ve become personally and professionally balanced because of Chris Carreiro’s personal training and coaching."




“I started working with Chris four months after giving birth to my second child. I lost 65 pounds in five months, all because he was there answering my questions everyday as I knew I could rely upon him. Working with Chris has completely and forever changed my life and my family members’ lives. He has changed the way I see food and exercise. Chris is a personal trainer who knows how to push me and help me reach my goals. Even though I have more weight to lose, my focus has expanded beyond just weight loss-he has inspired me to be more.”


Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results. Individual results can vary.