One-to-One private personal training is our flagship service and is the BEST option for maximum results. We train busy professionals who want expert guidance to get stronger, lose weight, and feel younger. If you'd like a unique approach that gets results, we'd love to serve you!


Ask Yourself:

  • Are you frustrated with lack of results despite your efforts?

  • Are you sick of going to the gym and not knowing what you should focus on?

  • Are you interested in a personalized, holistic approach to weight loss, fitness, and health?

If this sounds like you, then you’ve found the right place.

Because no two bodies are the same, why should your workout be?  And, let's face it, using a scale to monitor your progress is old school.  Our certified Boston personal trainers use cutting-edge technology to measure your body composition in order to assess, monitor, motivate, and hold you accountable like never before to ensure that you:

  • lose weight and belly fat to feel confident in your favorite clothes again

  • turn back the clock to look and feel years younger

  • build strength & endurance to enjoy your favorite activities

  • stop dieting and develop healthy, sustainable habits for life

Get started today by scheduling your free AUMazing body consultation!

“I found out about Aum Training Center through a friend, Sashya, who wanted to work out together. We go twice a week, listen to some awesome music, and push our limits every time. Chris has this energy that is super contagious. What distinguishes Chris from other personal trainers I've worked with previously is that he helps you with nutrition, establishing new habits, designing strategies for managing stress, and planning ahead on these matters. I have lost 20 pounds over 4 months, and I’ve gained a tremendous amount of energy and a more positive attitude. I look forward to my sessions because they are fun with a friend and a peppy, strong, happy-go-lucky yet a very demanding trainer, who has only one goal for you - progress every week. It’s been a fun ride and I love having this as part of my life..” - Mantaj


Our exclusive personal training and wellness center goes beyond the traditional gym with advanced lifestyle coaching, innovative training methods backed by the latest science, and industry-leading Boston personal trainers with a proven track record of getting results!

Your fitness coach will help you filter through all the confusing information out there so that you learn about and use the very best strategies for reaching your health, fitness, and weight loss goals!


Take control of your health and fitness!