Meet our Boston Personal Trainer Team

Aum Training Center is home to personal trainers who are not only experts in their field, but also extremely passionate about your overall wellness.  Our trainers undergo rigorous education to stay a few steps ahead of traditional fitness trends and arm you with the latest, science-based training methods to reach your goals. We'll pair you with the right personal trainer to help you get stronger, lose weight, and feel years younger.



Chris is the founder of and head personal trainer at Aum Training Center. For the past 10 years, he has served as a trusted coach to some of Boston’s top business leaders.  He is also a contributing author to the book, What You Need to Know About Muscle Building.  Best known for producing eye-opening before & after body transformations, he is driven to help people redefine what's possible.  

Chris' interest in fitness and nutrition largely stemmed from looking for answers on how to address his own health issues. After years of experiencing unresolved digestive issues, he was introduced to Functional Medicine and he learned how to heal his body with a holistic approach to nutrition.  It was through overcoming these challenges in addition to regaining his strength through weight training after a major jaw surgery, that he discovered his life’s mission: helping others overcome their challenges to lead strong, healthy lives. 

Over the past decade, Chris has extensively studied the most effective strategies in fitness, nutrition, and psychology for guiding people toward strengthening their mind and body while transforming their health. His unique background includes a Master’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in transformational coaching along with numerous personal training certifications including the accreditation Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  He lives in the South End of Boston with his wife, Sarika Arora, M.D.  They are proud owners of Aum Healing Center LLC, Boston’s premiere functional medicine center. When Chris is not coaching or training, you’ll likely find him reading a book in the Public Garden or playing Frisbee in the Common.



Born and raised in Duxbury, MA, Nick has always loved staying active as he's been involved in competitive sports since the age of 8.  His path into the fitness industry and personal training started when he signed up for an introductory exercise science course during his first semester at UMass Amherst. Mid-way through the semester, he fell in love with this field of study and he decided to change his major, graduating with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Kinesiology in just 3 years. While at UMass, he played both Rugby and NCAA Football, capitalizing on the opportunity to train with and study under some of the country's top strength coaches to complement his learning in the classroom. Over the past several years, Nick has held several personal training certifications and he plans on becoming a certified strength coach in the near future.

Best known for his contagious high energy and his elite knowledge of Kinesiology, Nick is a personal trainer who loves helping people aim higher, move better, and improve their strength and performance.  He has transformed JV high school athletes into Varsity starters, and several of his clients have earned college athletic scholarships under his guidance.  Nick is also passionate about helping busy professionals turn back the clock, transform their bodies, and rediscover their energy and confidence. His philosophy is, "If you have a goal, expect to exceed it."

Nick loves living on the South Shore. When he’s not coaching or training, you can find him hiking local trails with his German Shepherd, or driving his truck onto the beach for games with loved ones. 



Having struggled with body image issues as a teenager, and never participating in organized sports as a kid, Miranda is no stranger to how intimidating the gym can be.  She began her journey into fitness by doing workouts at home and this helped build her confidence and improve her overall mindset.  As her love of training and exercise grew, she purchased a gym membership and she became interested in becoming stronger.  Ultimately, she decided to enter powerlifting and she competes at the state and national level, holding state records in a couple weight classes.

Miranda is a personal trainer who is passionate about helping her clients learn to love their body along each stage of their fitness journey.  She believes in the power of setting goals that inspire you and that fit your lifestyle.  Her Bachelor’s degree is in Nutritional Science from the University of Rhode Island, earning summa cum laude designation, and she has been a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine since 2013.  Miranda specializes in women's weight loss and holistic nutrition.  When she isn't coaching or training, you can find her reading or spending time outdoors in nature.


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