The expert team of Aum Personal Trainers has developed the perfect combination of personal training, strength training, nutrition coaching, and accountability guidance to help you transform your body and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Whether your goal is to drop several pant sizes, increase stamina, feel younger, develop healthy eating habits or increase your confidence, our 3 month AUMazing Body Program is custom designed for your success. This program has helped hundreds of busy professionals make positive lifestyle changes, keep the weight off, and reach personal fitness goals.

This unique private personal training program starts with a Complimentary AUMazing Body Consultation. You'll be matched with a dedicated Boston personal trainer and fitness coach who will evaluate your history and help you set realistic health and wellness goals. During this complimentary consultation, your personal trainer will assess your fitness goals and eating habits, conduct body fat testing, and explain the components of your personalized program that includes stress reduction strategies, and more.


Here's what you get with the AUMazing Body program:

• 2x/week, 1:1 training with an expert Boston personal trainer
• Personalized weight loss nutrition plan
• Science-based supplement program
• Easy-to-make recipes and a grocery shopping list
• Off-day interval training workouts
• Foam rolling & flexibility programs
• Access to member-only seminars and workshops
• Everything you need to reach your goals!


“I have been training at Aum Training Center since January 2016, and I love it! Chris is knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, and most of all, listens. I came to the center a few months before turning 60, feeling lethargic and taking multiple medications to relieve the pain in my joints. Four months after beginning my training at Aum, I lost nearly 40 pounds and the pain in my joints is now gone. I feel better than I have in years and I’ve even discontinued taking several medications (under the approval of my doctor). It’s great to feel healthy and strong again!” - Cate


World-Class Personal Trainers & Lifestyle Coaches

At Aum Training Center, you get more than a personal trainer; you get a coach who is passionate about designing personalized fitness programs that help you not only lose weight, but also get stronger and experience a dramatic improvement in your overall health.  

We care about your results and we're 100% committed to your success.  In order to help you look and feel your best, we strive to go above and beyond what is being offered at traditional gyms where you're just a number.  With over 10 years experience and countless success stories, you can be confident that one of our fitness coaches will give you the professional guidance needed to get results.  

“Transformative. "W"holistic. Personalized. Chris and the Aum Training Center model re-define an approach to wellness that goes far beyond the experience of a 'training session' to include personalized support around the entire training experience - nutrition guidance, travel workouts, motivational coaching, and more. For someone otherwise intimidated by training, the experience has given me a confidence and commitment to my own physical well-being that had never existed prior to my time at Aum. The training delivers tremendous results and the workouts are comprehensive, tailored not just to the individual, but the individual's place in their wellness journey. As a physician, I cannot more highly recommend Chris and Aum Training Center as a catalyst for transformative, 'w'holistic, and personalized change in my own life.” - Joseph Merola, M.D.


Begin with a free AUMazing Body Consultation