How I Helped Anne Marie Lose Over 60 Pounds (and keep it off for good).

I’ve been training clients and working on my own body for nearly 15 years. During this time, I’ve researched every fat-loss method imaginable and studied everything from ancient nutrition methods to underground fitness strategies.

I’ve helped people with minimal training experience lose almost 100 pounds in less than a year, and advanced lifters lose the last 10 stubborn pounds.

Coach Chris

Coach Chris

I’ve learned what works and I want to share this knowledge and experience with you so that you no longer have to struggle to figure out what to do.

Our 3-month AUMazing Body Program is the culmination of everything I’ve learned from completing thousands of sessions over the past decade and helping hundreds of busy parents and professionals reach their weight loss and fitness goals.

It is more than just a workout routine – it’s a complete, holistic weight loss program that combines cutting-edge science with proven training methods to optimize your results. The focus is on maximizing every minute of your training sessions while teaching you how to eat right for your body type.


“Unlike traditional fitness programs that become stale and ineffective, our AUMazing Body Program progressively challenges your body in new ways to keep the results coming.

And unlike quick-fix diets, you’ll discover nutrition principles that you can use for life.”

- Coach Chris

I’m going to share 3 of the program’s most important strategies that we used to help Anne Marie lose over 60 pounds, regain her confidence, and build healthy food habits.

Anne Marie (before)

Anne Marie (before)

The good news is that you can immediately begin integrating them into your daily routine.

When Anne Marie first came to our center, she was frustrated that she wasn’t making any progress toward her weight loss goals despite taking lots of spin and boot camp cardio classes

In fact, she had been gaining weight, partly because she was frequently eating since someone told her that this would stoke her metabolism (we dispelled that myth and shrank her eating window among other things).

She was at a pivotal point in her career, and she could feel her confidence dropping.

Flash forward to today, and she has lost several inches off her waist, and she looks like a new woman.

Principle #1

Aumie Anne Marie (after)

Aumie Anne Marie (after)

Prioritize strength training over cardio. Instead of doing long, boring bouts of cardio on the treadmill or elliptical, we built her routine primarily around full-body strength training workouts while having her cut back to a couple of spin classes per week.

Muscle is what drives your metabolic engine. Stoking the fire means lifting weights to build lean muscle. You’ll burn extra calories the day AFTER you exercise due to the effects on your metabolism from strength training. As trainer Ben Bruno likes to say, think of strength training as the entrée and cardio as the side dish when it comes to achieving your weight loss goals.

Principle #2:

Choose intensity over duration. Because our clients are busy parents and professionals, we specialize in designing personalized fitness programs that are effective and efficient. Gradually decrease rest periods between sets to keep your heart rate elevated throughout the training session. You’ll complete the same amount of work in 30 minutes that it takes most people to do to in 1 hour. According to scientists at the University of Southern Maine, training this way enables you to torch as many calories as you would running 10 MPH on a treadmill for the same amount of time. A third reason to use high-density training is to increase the effects of a fat loss program by burning more calories in a given time period and by maximizing the hormonal response to training. This is particularly effective when you train large muscle groups and compound movements. When you shorten your rest intervals to 30 seconds or less on exercises such as barbell squats, you may be stunned to find out how cardiovascular in nature the workout becomes. In fact, cardiovascular fatigue can often be the limiting factor in high-density workouts while training legs and back, at least during the initial phases until your conditioning improves.

Your heart rate spikes after the set, and recovers partially during the brief rest interval, but not entirely, so your heart rate stays up the entire duration of the workout. You burn more calories in less time, your metabolism is stimulated more, and you unleash a flood of fat burning and muscle building hormone

One great benefit of this form of strength training is time efficiency: It allows you to complete a highly effective and result producing workout in as little as 30-45 minutes. In this day and age, getting an effective workout in less time is a godsend.

Principle #3:

Focus on nutrient-density. Suffering through a diet is pointless. Our AUMazing Body eating plan employs the latest science to fuel and energize your body, so you look and feel AUMazing.

Follow these 5 simple rules.

1. Eat protein at 3 meals

2. Eat 2 greens at every meal

3. Make lunch your most substantial meal of the day

4. Don’t drink your calories

5. Fast for 12-16 hours between dinner and breakfast

Anne Marie is stronger than she’s ever been and it’s really awesome seeing how much her confidence has increased.

The coolest part is that she’s motivated to keep getting stronger and make more progress.

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