Boston’s best personal trainers are making Boston more AUMazing one client at a time.

Boston’s best personal trainers are making Boston more AUMazing one client at a time.

I Developed AUMazing Confidence and Reached My Personal Fitness Goals.

Our holistic approach will transform every aspect of your life. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle go far beyond your physical appearance - they create a stronger, more positive mindset. Stress is reduced when you feel better about the beneficial decisions you make for your health and wellbeing.

Our team of Boston personal trainers will help you look and feel your best. After seeing the physical results of weight loss and increased strength and stamina, you will develop greater belief in yourself and you’ll be inspired to reach your highest potential.

Reach Your Personal Fitness Goals

Our proprietary AUMazing Transformation System has helped hundreds of busy Boston professionals make positive lifestyle changes, keep the weight off, and reach personal their fitness goals. At Aum Training Center, you get more than a personal trainer; you get a coach who is passionate about your overall wellness.

 Our personal trainers undergo rigorous education to stay a few steps ahead of traditional gyms and arm you with the latest science-based training methods to transform your body and health.


“The expert team of Aum Personal Trainers has developed the perfect combination of personal training, strength training, nutrition coaching, and accountability guidance to help you reach your personal fitness goals and embrace a healthier lifestyle.” - Coach Chris

You'll be matched with a dedicated Boston personal trainer and fitness coach to help you establish your personal fitness goals.