The transformation begins when you make the commitment to achieve your goals.

The transformation begins when you make the commitment to achieve your goals.

I’m Part Of An AUMazing Community

“We believe that community is the key to reaching your fitness goals and creating healthy, sustainable habits for life,” says Chris Carreiro, Founder of Aum Training Center.

Our personal trainers have changed many lives by embracing the principals of aum and creating a fun, supportive environment that inspires you to reach your personal best. As a community, we encourage each other and share a desire to lead strong, healthy, AUMazing lives by using the best methods from the fields of personal training, nutrition, and mindfulness. This unique program - unlike any other in Boston, goes above and beyond the conventional approach to personal training to optimize your results.

Get the support you need to succeed.

Our Boston personal trainers and fellow AUMies help you stay on track by holding you accountable, suggesting new ideas for healthy meals, providing fun, easy-to-follow workouts when you’re traveling, and offering strategies for building a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying your social life.

Our AUMazing community is lead by the best personal trainer in Boston. We can help you reach your personal goals and look and feel your absolute best. At every step along the way, you’ll be guided by passionate personal trainers who are committed to helping you lose weight, increase strength, turn back the hands of time, regain personal confidence, boost energy, and reach your full potential.


“Experience the camaraderie that comes from being an AUMie and part of our caring and supportive community.” - Coach Chris